Smithsonian Institution Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage – Tech-Teach Design and Fabrication Skills Program,remote then D.C.

Smithsonian Institution
Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Tech-Teach Design and Fabrication Skills Program
Curriculum and Evaluation Developer – Part-Time Contractor
July 20–December 18, 2020 (TBD pending COVID)
The Smithsonian Institution’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage (‘CFCH’) seeks to hire a
Curriculum Developer (‘Coordinator’) to support the Tech-Teach Design and Fabrication Skills Program
(‘Tech-Teach’). Launched in the spring of 2019, Tech-Teach is a youth engagement and outreach
program created by staff of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival (‘Festival’). The program exposes high
school and college-age youth in the Washington, D.C., area to aspects of museum exhibition design and
fabrication, computer-aided drafting (CAD) processes, and traditional woodworking and carpentry
techniques. It is designed to provide students with a basic set of transferable skills that can be used to
seek employment in theatrical production, event production, museum exhibit fabrication, general
construction, and other technical sectors and prepare them to pursue further educational studies in fields
such as engineering and architecture. The program is scheduled to begin its third term (‘Term 3’) in
October/November of 2020.
The Coordinator will work alongside the Program Director and other staff to evaluate, research, plan,
develop, and produce curriculum materials, processes, and evaluation methods and best practices that
improve student outcomes. The Coordinator shall work under direction of Program Director, but must
be able to work independently to complete the required tasks and produce all deliverables.
• Review and modify program goals and objectives
o Work with Program Director to review existing framework of Tech-Teach
o Establish short-term goals, objectives, and needs in order to pursue partnerships in support
of Term 3 of the program
o Create timeline outlining strategic plan for developing partnerships
• Conduct research to aid in the development, planning, and implementation of evaluation methods
and curriculum instruction.
o Attend sessions of Term 2 (TBD pending COVID) of the program in order to: become
familiar with current program structure, review and assess instructors and evaluate current
curriculum and pedagogical methods.
o Evaluate existing curriculum to determine the extent to which it meets common core
standards, vocational education guidelines and current best practices
o Develop term 3 curriculum and pedagogical tools
 Actively pursue opportunities to continue to learn best practices in curriculum
writing through research, professional development, and other learning opportunities
and make recommendations to the Program Director
 Research similar trades-based programs
 Contact organizers of similar programs and conduct interviews regarding their
curriculum and evaluations methods
 Make occasional onsite visits to observe other programs in action
 Contact institutions such as craft and trade unions, community colleges, and other
trades-based educational organizations to conduct curriculum research
 Develop curricula for Term 3, implement curriculum changes, and advise on the
acquisition of technology, textbooks and other instructional resources
o Review current program evaluation methods to determine if these practices are suitable /
aligned with current best practices for measuring the effectiveness and impact of the
programs such as Tech-Teach
 Conduct research to determine how improvements can be made to current program
evaluation methods to more closely align with current best practices
 Write new evaluation processes and procedures based upon the findings
o Prepare and submit a weekly digest of work accomplished
o Develop a document outlining short-term goals and objectives needed to pursue curriculum
and evaluation improvements
o Develop a document that describes programs that are similar to Tech-Teach and outlines
how such programs may be helpful in developing curriculum and evaluation methods for
o Develop a document outlining curriculum research findings
o Develop a document outlining Term 3 curriculum recommendations, processes and
o Develop a document outlining evaluation research findings
o Develop a document outlining updated evaluation methods based on research findings
o Produce other documents as needed / requested by the Program Director
• Quantitative and qualitative research experience
o Data interpretation/analysis
o Ability to evaluate instructional programs and teaching effectiveness
• Experience with curriculum development for young adults 16-22
• Interdisciplinary teaching experience
• Strong interpersonal communication skills
• Process, management and administrative abilities
All work shall be completed between July 20, 2020 and December 18, 2020 (TBD pending COVID). CFCH
estimates 240 hours to complete the work, but additional hours may be awarded on an as needed basis as
approved by technical director. Hours worked per week can be negotiated on a week-to-week basis, based
on needs of the program. Contractor may be required to report to Capital Gallery at 600 Maryland Ave., SW
in Washington, D.C., or the Folklife Fabrication Facility at 5000 Philadelphia Way, Suite E, in Lanham,
Maryland, from time to time to provide updates and partake in meetings with Program Director and other
staff. Otherwise, the Contractor may work off site. The contract requires that the contractor occasionally
make field visits schools, institutions, businesses, and other off-site locations to conduct meetings and other
Tech-Teach business.
The work outlined above is commensurate with work at the Federal GS 10 or GS 11 level. We require 240
hours of work between July and December 2020. Interested candidates may send a proposal that includes
your hourly rate to or